Earn Money By Posting Ads!!!

Earn Money By Posting Ads!!!

Hey PTC user stop clicking for $0.0005 and start earning a real money

CAP Rewards is a unique website that pays you to post ads. It takes about 1 to 2 minutes to copy-paste an ad and click a few buttons. It’s that simple. You also earn for every click on your ad, every sign-up, every sale and visit to your link. No experience is needed at all. If you can copy-paste a piece of text and follow simple steps, you can get some nice earnings out of this. I’ll be posting a full review later on, but here’s some information to get you started today.

Do you have 5 minutes a day?
That’s really all it takes to earn with CAP Rewards. You copy and paste simple ads on websites and get paid for it.

You Get Paid For …

– Posting ads ($0.10 to $0.25 Per Ad)
– Referring affiliates
– Get paid for every click on your Ads
– Get paid for every sale

Believe me it’s way better then clicking on ads for $0.0005.


Do NOT promote your Unique Link directly on Traffic Exchanges, Mailers and other high-traffic advertising platforms.

In the CAP Rewards Terms Of Service you can read why. Just promote a splash page (or a blog post) with a link on it to your CAP Rewards Unique Link so that only interested people end up visiting your Unique Link (You earn with every unique view). If you send too many people to your link that do not sign up, your conversion rate will be low and you will LOSE earnings from that period. It’s always good to read the FAQ, Terms of Service and contact CAP Rewards to check if your advertising methods are allowed or not. It’s a great opportunity to earn, so make sure you follow the rules.

Earn Money by Sharing Links

Generally everyone knows normal link but paid link is a link when it open with some advertisement and we are paid for that. This system is known as a monetizing a link or paid link. These links basically three type.

Earn Money by Sharing Links


1) Intermission ad link:

When someone opens this paid link firstly it will open with full page advertisement after 10 seconds our actual  page will open.

2) Top Banner ad link:

In this link advertise banner always show on the top of our original webpage.

3) Pop-Up ad link:

When someone open this paid link then pop-up window containing the advertisement.

Convert a Normal Link to Paid Link

At first signup or register on that website and login there. Now click on “create links” from menu bar then copy and past normal link there.

After that it will ask you for “Landing page contain”. The landing page means which will open when your link is clicked.

This step is you will get two options there one is “all ages” and another is “eighteen plus”. Select one option from there and it totally depends on your type of links.

In last step it will ask you for type of paid link ads.

There are three type of paid link ads

1) Intermission ad link

2) Top banner ad link

3) Pop-up ad link.

Select one which type you want to create.

When someone clicks on this paid link then it will show some advertisement with original link.